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Seeking Spirit Community Circle

A place for those on a spiritual journey to share, connect and grow together


Facilitated by Mary Quintero,
Founder of The Sacred Art of Healing.

My intention is to create a place for us to share the excitement and wonder of living a Spirit led life. We are all each other's teacher. Through the witnessing of another's story we often find enlightenment in our own. If you found your way here, I promise you there is a reason. Join us in a sacred time to share, connect and support each other's journeys.

In our time together


   Saturday   3pm (EST)


"Thank you Mary for holding our Spirit community sessions. They have been such a solace during these uncertain times. I love being able to work with you all the way from New York. Each time I come away with a sense of peace and inspiration. I love how you hold space for all of us to be in touch with our own intuition. I know that my spiritual growth is moving at a faster rate because of these live, group sessions.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Joan M.

Join us!

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