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After meeting Mary and talking with her, I decided to bring in my 5 year old to see her. She was very good with him. Her non-invasive approach set him at ease pretty quickly. There was a marked calming in him after the first session and he asked to come back afterwards! During one of the sessions, she asked him what it felt like and he said, “chocolate.” We love chocolate, so it must be good! Over the course of a few months we continued to see Mary regularly, and I noticed more changes in him. His stimming is less often now, he doesn’t become overwhelmed as easily and has gotten over a lot of his food aversions! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gift with my family.

Jennifer S.



Linda S.

I love Mary's "remote" gatherings on zoom! What a great way to connect as I grow and learn. Mary leads us with humor and wisdom. It is amazing the energy the group creates together!!


Mary H.


Thank you Mary for holding our Saturday afternoons with Spirit. They have been such a solace during these uncertain times. I love being able to work with you all the way from New York. Each week I come away with a sense of peace and inspiration. I love how you hold space for all of us to be in touch with our own intuition. I know that my spiritual growth is moving at a faster rate because of these live, group sessions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Joan M.

Mary did a very thorough reading for my 87 year old mother. Because my mother is memory challenged at this point in her life, I was also a part of the reading. In the end, I wasn’t really needed, as the very specific detail that Mary gave sparked memories my mother had not experienced in some time and delighted her.  Not only was Mary extremely accurate, but her delivery was calm, caring and patient.  Although, I immediately recognized the information given, there would be a brief delays and suddenly my mother would light up. What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much, Mary. You are a very gifted medium and a lovely human being.




love is everywhere

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