Spirit Art Gallery

My journey with Spirit has been so exciting. I have met many wonderful people with a wide variety of gifts through the years. 

One gift that I always found to be so fascinating and exciting is Spirit art. What an amazing thing to be able to sketch a person's loved one from the other side! 

One day, a young male spirit came to me while I was meditating. He wanted me to draw a message for his loved ones whom he said were grieving for him deeply. Sure I thought. Why not? 

You can imagine my surprise and delight when a boy's face appeared on the page in front of me. He gave me some evidence that his family would be able to identify - the word Jackson, the number 11 and the message, "don't worry, all is well with my soul."

After posting the picture and the evidence everywhere I knew to post it, someone responded. It was their young boy, Jackson, who would have been 11 that year. The message was just what they needed to bring peace to their hearts.


Since then, I have continued to be amazed at the profound healing that can take place from these encounters. My art has and continues to evolve and I am forever thankful for the opportunity to serve Spirit and my community.

These stories are being shared with the permission of the families in hope of sparking the realization that there is no separation and that life and love continue after death.  


Has to be TODAY

One Sunday morning the spirit of a man came to me and was adamant that I draw him right then, he needed to get the message to his loved one THAT day. I could sense how important it was that it be that day. I drew him rather quickly and sent the evidence and photo off to the Spiritualist Church for their online service that morning.

Low and behold there was a recipient! 

"I talked to my sister about your reading and she has now listened to it more than a dozen times. She was more than thrilled as well as surprised by this on her birthday Sunday 24th October.

She asked me to tell you that the scarf was very relevant. But he was always cold even in the summer and Lynn would wrap his head and neck in his scarf to keep him warm. So now he wraps the scarf around Lynn’s neck and shoulders. Love is all you need!

Bless you, Mary!"

Sallie Ann