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I think it would be fair to say that I was born for this work. My whole life I have just known things - like where a person’s pain is or communicating with a loved one on the other side. It wasn’t until I was in massage school at the A.R.E., in Virginia Beach, that I realized not everyone “just knew” where to put their hands or communicated with those in spirit.


After graduating in 1994 and obtaining my massage therapy license, I worked in various settings - Chiropractic clinics, spas, and ran my own massage practice. While healing from an injury, I discovered the profound healing capabilities of Craniosacral Therapy. It was so life changing, I went ahead and became certified with the internationally recognized Upledger Institute. My work and, quite frankly, my life have never been the same.


What I offer today, is the culmination of decades of training and hands-on experience.  While working with people of all ages and backgrounds who have sought out my work for a wide range of issues, I have learned to listen deeply and to trust the body’s wisdom. Every client is my teacher and every session a new lesson.



Never put limits on what is possible!

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