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Kids Can Heal

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Kids Can Heal - Energy Healing Experience

45 mins - 1x a week for 2 weeks - 

Via Zoom


Each of us has the capacity to help another heal – yes, even kids!


They want to help, but not know how especially since they are young.


This class will explore ways that even the littlest can help those around them feel better and fast!


I will introduce your child to the art of energy healing and give them a tool they can use immediately to start helping with headaches, stress, bumps and bruises. We will discuss the importance of asking another person if they would like help and respecting their choice to accept help or not. It is my hope to empower children and foster empathy.


How does it work? That’s a good question. Quantum physics is hot on the trail of explaining how it

works, but there is no need to know the how in order for it to work! Consider your cell phone. Do you know how it works? Probably not, but it does! 


All you need are your hands, an open heart and curiosity!

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