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Is This Your Loved One?

My journey with Spirit has been so exciting. I have met many wonderful people with a wide variety of gifts through the years. 

One gift that I always found to be so fascinating and exciting is Spirit art. What an amazing thing to be able to sketch a person's loved one from the other side! 

One day, a young male spirit came to me while I was meditating. He wanted me to draw a message for his loved ones whom he said were grieving for him deeply. Sure I thought. Why not? 

You can imagine my surprise and delight when a boy's face appeared on the page in front of me. He gave me some evidence that his family would be able to identify - the word Jackson, the number 11 and the message, "don't worry, all is well with my soul."

After posting the picture and the evidence everywhere I knew to post it, someone responded. It was their young boy, Jackson, who would have been 11 that year. The message was just what they needed to bring peace to their hearts.


Since then. I have had spirits come through that I have drawn but do not recognize. Perhaps like Jackson's family, your loved one has led you here to let you know all is well and that they are still here with you.


Eastern Europe Lady.jpg
August 28, 2021
 She gives the impression of Eastern European heritage. Her seriousness was mistaken for not caring/loving. She cared very deeply, but life didn't afford her the opportunities to shine outwardly. She shows an image of manual labor and the word "coal."

August 10, 2021
 This gentleman was a quiet, solid man that was known for his accountability.  He was very even keeled and a bit of a homebody. 

August 28, 2021
He was a worrier. Life wasn't a bowl of cherries but he did his best to be upbeat for his family. He has a daughter that is his biggest blessing and challenge - wink. His message is for her. He is sorry that he didn't get to see you marry before he passed. 
August 28, 2021
This fellow didn't share anything. He was very reserved and quiet when he came. He did want me to make note of the time, which I did on the drawing as that will make sense to whomever this drawing is for.

Check back soon!

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